Mobile Data Loss Prevention

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Improve Regulatory Compliance by Securing Data-in-Motion

Highly regulated industries must comply with the stringent PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, GLB, SOX and other regulations. These organizations typically implement multiple layers of security to meet these demands. A comprehensive plan must include measures to monitor, identify and protect sensitive and/or confidential data "in-motion" as it goes to and from corporate-owned mobile devices.

Deep Packet Inspection without a Complex and Costly VPN

An optional add-on to the BETTER Mobile Threat Defense, BETTER Mobile Data Loss Prevention performs deep packet inspection of packets going into and out of a mobile device to prevent sensitive data from loss and improve compliance. Unlike solutions that tunnel traffic to a VPN server on premise or in the cloud, BETTER's on-device inspection elimnates the need for a complex and costly VPN infrastructure. It also improves performance by eliminating network latency.


Performs deep packet inspection on the device, eliminating the need to tunnel traffic using an expensive VPN infrastructure.

Sends any suspected violations to BETTER Mobile Threat Defense or the security operations center for further evaluation and remediation.

Tracks contextual details about all activity that impacts sensitive content such as the user, device, activity, location, and type of content being used.

Enforces policies by creating DLP profiles using granular identifiers such as file types, regular expression, proximity analysis, exact match and custom dictionary identifiers.

Automatically kicks off workflows to quarantine content, place it in legal hold or encrypt it.

Speeds inspections by eliminating network latency.

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Organizations in highly regulated industries must implement comprehensive security to adhere to data security and privacy regulations. Discover how to incorporate data loss prevention for mobile devices into your regulatory compliance plan.

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