Mobile Threat Defense
for Office 365

BETTER Closes Mobile Vulnerability Gaps

BETTER Threat Defense protects iOS, Android, and Windows devices from malware, network and OS-based threats 24x7. Our technology detects threats from every attack vector and can even identify unknown, zero-day attacks. On-device remediation instantly addresses any attacks and gets user back to work quickly. The solution is user friendly, ensuring rapid adoption and use. A security management console provides administrators with complete visibility, and integrates with the MDM environment.

Defend Against Advanced Mobile Threats

BETTER Mobile Threat Defense for Office365 augments this EMM platform to safeguard valuable enterprise data. Continuous on-device monitoring takes advantage of deep machine learning to instantly detect known and unknown perils. If an attack occurs, BETTER delivers multiple levels of autonomous remediation that take local action to remove threats instantly and reliably to get users back to work immediately.

With analysis capabilities widely available as a service, BETTER takes advantage of data from the most widely used apps to train our machine learning model. This enables our threat detection algorithms to most accurately reflect real-world threats that include:

Multilayered Threat Defense


  • Repacked or Malicious app
  • Zero-day attacks
  • App exploits
  • Library Injection


  • Rogue Access Points
  • Location Spoofing
  • Sniffing
  • MiTM (Man-in-the-Middle) Attacks
  • Rogue Network
  • SSL Stripping techniques
  • Web Browser Attacks


  • Kernel Exploits
  • System Tampering - App/OS/Kernel Tampering
  • USB Exploitation
  • Reconnaisance Scans
  • Malicious Profile/Configuration Modifications
  • Advance Jailbreak/Root Detection

Benefits for Office365

Enterprise-class security protects mobile devices managed by Office365 and high-value enterprise data from malware, network and OS-layer attacks.

Most accurate detection of real world threats through deep machine learning that takes advantage of data from the most widely used apps to train our models.

Protects data from getting into the wrong hands should a security threat arise by suspending operation of the application until the threat is remediated.

Defends apps from tampering through application configuration validation and hardening.

Prevents extraction of sensitive data through screenshots or copy/paste of data.

Secure Office365 from risky user behavior and other mobile threats.

Architecture and Integration Flow Diagram

Better for Office365 extends enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities to alleviate the risk that malware, OS Vulnerabilities or network attacks will expose data on the device or in backend systems to attack. The solution comprehensively protects managed mobile devices from known and unknown threats and remediates attacks instantly.

Better Office365 Integration - Better Mobile has integrated with Office365 REST APis and make a seamless integration for customers.

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Discover how BETTER Mobile Threat Defense for Office 365 can enhace your exisiting EMM capabilities to protect your high-value corporate data from advance mobile threats.

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