Better Mobile Threat Defense

Real time mobile threat prevention

Better Mobile Security is the leader in mobile threat defense.

Better’s platform leverages artificial intelligence to detect and protect against a wide range of known and unknown threats. Better’s technology uses a layered approach that continuously monitors, detects and remediates against mobile cyber-attacks from malware, network threats, and OS vulnerability exploits.

Shielding Organization from Mobile Security Risks

BETTER Mobile safeguards organizations from the data loss and privacy risks arising from the burgeoning use of mobile devices.

Install Secure Apps, Protect Mobile Device Operation

Mobile devices are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers can infiltrate a device through rogue apps, compromise the OS, or go after the network connection.

BETTER Mobile enables organizations to prevent end users from installing risky apps to begin with by taking advantage of deep machine learning and advanced, multi-layered behavioral analysis to identify malware or vulnerable apps. Once the device is in operation, BETTER protects data on the device and in the back-end systems from malware, OS and network threats.

The Most Accurate Mobile Threat Detection & Prevention

The success of deep machine learning depends on the accuracy of the analytic model. BETTER's analysis capabilities are widely available as a service. This deployment model allows us to take advantage of data about the most widely used apps to train our model. This means our threat detection algorithms most accurately reflect real-world environments.

Team and Investors

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Azi Cohen

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Board Member & Investor


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