Mobile App Analyzer & Threat Intelligence

Protect Your Enterprise Data from Risky Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Have the Potential to Steal Enterprise Data

Mobile apps pose numerous an significant risks to sensitive enterprise data. Malware can disguise itself as a legitimate app. Genuine apps can be injected with malicious code that accesses corporate data and sends it to unauthorized destinations. Mobile app operation can use data, such as location data, that if exposed to third parties can harm the organization.

Or apps may simply contain vulnerabilities that expose information. Whether an app comes from an app store or is homegrown, you need to qualify its operation to ensure it contains no malware or security gaps. Yet understanding app behavior can be extremely time consuming and requires deep knowledge of mobile apps and devices that organizations may not have in house.

BETTER App Analyzer Evaluates App Risks

BETTER App Analyzer throughly analyzes the operation and configuration of third-party and homegrown apps to identify any malicious code or vulnerabilities before security administrators allow an app to be downloaded onto user devices.

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Static, dynamic and behavioral app testing

BETTER App Analyzer determines the true behavior of apps through comprehensive testing. Static testing determines what the app does, everything it touches, and where it sends and receives data. Dynamic testing evaluates the application's dynamically changing operation during runtime. Behavioral testing can identify malware that masks its behavior.

Accurately reflects real-world environments

BETTER App Analyzer's capabilities are based on deep machine learning algorithms. The success of deep machine learning depends on the accuracy of the analytic model. BETTER's analysis capabilities are widely available as a service. This deployment model allows to take advantage of data about the most widely used apps to train our model.

Easy-to-understand app risk reports

Simplified reports summarize the key risks uncovered by our advanced app analysis without the need for interpretation by a highly skilled technician. Administrators use these reports to blacklist or whitelist apps, minimizing risks to corporate data and improving security.

Comprehensive management

BETTER App Analyzer includes an easy to use web app for administering, controlling and managing all features. You can set unique app risk policies and apply them individually to different employee groups or situations. Or make policy adjustments in risk tolerance should your organization change its information security and privacy policies.

MDM Integration

Seamless integration with leading MDM systems adds powerful app risk assessment to enhance your existing mobility management investment and allows the MDM to enforce policies across your organization.

Rapid testing

Automated testing eliminates the need for manual evaluations, improving productivity and reducing costs.

What is in the report?

  • Risk summary and overall risk score
  • Network connections
  • Malware classifications
  • Cloud services
  • Application integrity
  • Crowd sourced malware feeds
  • OWASP mobile security checklist
  • Analysis results presented as: JSON Format, Web Console UI, Email, PDF