Better Mobile Security Products

Mobile Threat Defense

BETTER Mobile Threat Defense proactively and predictively protects BYO and corporate- owned mobile devices from the full range of mobile threats. You can dynamically detect and remediate attacks at the device level, network level, and app level. Should an attack be detected, instant on-device remediation instantly addresses the attack and gets users back to work quickly. A security management console provides administrators with complete visibility with seamless integration into existing EMM/MDM.

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In-App Threat Defense

Attackers have shown the ability to exploit mobile app vulnerabilities in order to compromise mobile devices. Cyber-attacks bypass existing security and exploit prevention controls, using advanced malware to gain control of devices or customer accounts through social engineering. The BETTER Mobile In-App Threat Defense is an easy-to-use SDK that allows you to fortify homegrown applications with our Mobile Threat Defense solution.

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Mobile App Analyzer

The Better Mobile App Analyzer provides the most powerful on-demand App Vetting service. The Analyzer is based on a backend service that automatically conducts a complete behavioral analysis of any third party or homegrown app. It enables IT to automatically review the behavior of apps, identify the risk from exploitable vulnerabilities, data leakage, insecure communications, and find malware included in the code.

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