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Why do enterprise implement Better Mobile Threat Defense ?

Better Mobile Threat Defense is been implemented in more than 8 countries world wide. Fortune, recognizes Better Mobile a market leader in the Mobile Threat Defense to date.

Key differentiators

  • Public Apps
  • No use of Private API’s
  • Battery consumption is less than 5%
  • Support for Windows 10 and 8.1 tablets and phone
  • Better Mobile platform is pen tested by one of the Big 4’s
  • Follows Apples¹ best practices in developing app
  • Protect enterprise and consumer apps with Better SDK
    • Reduces risks by checking device security status (app validation, os malware & rootkit/jailbreak protection, patch detection), beyond TLS level transport security plus a non-phishable authentication method.
    • Authentication support via per user pre-shared keys using a new key exchange protocol, plus the availability of an additional FIDO-compliant Biometric.
    • Encrypts data (at rest and in transit) in trust zone & secure enclave all while having a best in class user experience (e.g. The authentication doesn't get in the way of the user experience)

Protect High-Value Enterprise Data with Multi-Layered Threat Defense for Mobile Devices

Organizations increasingly rely on mobile devices for business operations to
significantly improve business agility, accerlerate time-to-market, and increase
competitive advantage.

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